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Onboarding and sales should be the most challenging parts of running an ISP, but device management, customer management, and back-end systems often cause more headaches than they should. With the introduction of ISPNexus, your MikroTik, Ubiquiti, PF Sense Netgate, Tarana, and other popular ISP CPE routers can become affordable and powerful simultaneously without requiring complicated setups.

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Simplify Your CPE Router Management

Slash Your Provisioning Time and Take Full Control of Your CPE Routers

Are you interested in provisioning in 1/50th of the time? ISPNexus software is efficient, affordable, and backed by real-world examples.

Updates to already-deployed devices are no longer necessary with our service control and provisioning solution. We provide a clear view of your subscriber LANs through our ISPNexus software, which includes deep device fingerprinting and management tools to resolve any issue as rapidly as possible. 

How does ISPNexus compare to the industry alternatives?

  • COST
  • single source of truth
  • Licensing
  • Operations

Do It Yourself

  • Full Features available
  • Low Cost
  • Complex
  • Poor Support
  • No
  • No Cost
  • Manual Management


  • Full-Featured
  • cost-effective  
  • Simple UI
  • Complete Support
  • YES
  • No cost
  • Central Management

Big Brands

  • Vendor-Locked features
  • expensive
  • varies by brand
  • Obtuse Support
  • YES
  • annual cost
  • Vendor Controlled

Ready to learn more about ISPNexus?

Scale Your Business and Get High-End Performance from a More Open and Cost-Effective Solution. 

Learn more about the modules included in our ISPNexus software.

Billed monthly
Billed annually


Entry-level Features



Single Unit



Basic features to enhance your MikroTik.

Web Server   info_iconWeb Server
Device Manager   info_iconManage the provisioning of devices.
User Manager   info_iconManages users for web access with an optional radius client or built-in database.
Discovery Hook   info_iconHTTP server for discovery hooks and sends the signal to sync devices.
Services Web   info_iconWeb Pages to interface with the service manager and settings.


Many Features. Affordable.



Per Unit



All of the features in the BASE plan plus:

Command Runner   info_iconService to managing sending commands to devices
MikroTik Packages   info_iconGets and Stores Mikrotik RouterOS
Ticket System   info_iconManages technical support requests using a ticketing system to track open and closed items.


Full MikroTik Edge Control.



Per Unit



All of the features in the FOOTHILL plan plus:

Customer Service   info_iconManage customer and inventory records
Sonar Hook   info_iconHTTP server for sonar hooks and sends the signal to sync customers
DHCP Hook   info_iconHTTP server for DHCP hooks.
Rpc Servicesk   info_iconService to communicate with remote programs.
OSS/BSS Sync   info_iconService to sync information from OSS/BSS software (currently supporting Sonar V2)
SLA   info_iconDefined service level agreement.


Total Control & Service



for pricing



All of the features in the SUMMIT plan plus:

24/7 Call Center   info_icon24/7 call center that is ready when issues arise.
Managed Network   info_iconManage all aspects of the network and proactively address any controllable support incidents that arise.
Complete SLA   info_iconComprehensive service level agreement
Vendor Mgmt   info_iconAspen will negotiate pricing, handle firmware and software updates and support, and generally act as a liaison between your company and the vendors you work with on the network.

ISPNexus at a glance.

  • Factory Default to complete configuration and update
  • Multiple configurations
  • Multiple devices at once
  • Provisioning Audit log
Provisioning Status
  • See the basic status of all provisioning devices
  • See detailed status of device
  • Automation of multi-step process
Provisioning Done
  • All Device information
  • Troubleshooting and retrying for failures
  • Track Devices by Serial or Mac
  • Shows who provisioned the device and when
Configurations Check
  • Make sure the given configuration is on the device
  • Will update the device if the configuration missing
  • Checks device configuration every time device checks in
  • Useful for default configuration changes after provisioning
Mass Device Management
  • One place to manage all client devices
  • Node-Switch-Port info for each device
  • Miscellaneous device information

Mass Configurations
  • Run commands on hundreds - thousands of devices
  • Save and run commands manually
  • Automatically run commands at given time
  • Set command to repeat every given time period
  • Compare device output in the table view
  • Simple and Secure password management for an entire network
Individual Device Management
  • Manage individual devices
  • Ping the device to see packet loss
  • Run saved or new commands on a device
  • See the full configuration, run updates, etc
Software Version & Model Management
  • Software / Firmware downloaded from the local server to device
  • Manually select known good firmware
  • Multiple device models supported

DHCP Server
  • Built-in DHCP Server
  • No 3rd-party software required
  • Web GUI
  • See All IP Pools on one page
  • Automatic Option passing as part of DHCP 
DHCP Server Lease Management
  • Detailed Lease Information
  • Add / Remove DHCP Leases
  • Uses DHCP Relay Information for Location
  • Export Leases to CSV
Customizing the DHCP Server
  • API for Input / Output Data
  • Caches for speed
  • Database for standard Data
  • Format data to / from DHCP Options
  • Easily implement any DHCP Option
  • Control the complete “Flow” of the DHCP packet
  • Easy bypasses for API and module failures
  • Built-in Database
  • Integrations with other OSS Systems
  • Provides a single source of truth for customer authentication
  • Tracking service packages and assigned devices
  • Track Assigned Devices by Serial or MAC
Radius Server
  • Built-in Radius Server
  • No 3rd-party software required
  • Authenticates against the customer database
  • Overrides for devices not assigned to customers
Overridable Customer Database
  • Override for Mac / Serial
  • Manually set static IP or IP Range
  • Set Speed for bandwidth Limits
  • Manage Customer Status
  • Multiple Data Plans
  • Router / Static / Bridge Deployments
  • Auto-synchronize with the billing platform
Platform Features
  • User Management
  • Extensive Logging
  • Customizable Menu
  • Cloud Backups and Restore

Why consider MikroTik for my organization?


MikroTik's RouterOS is one of the most feature-rich systems available at a highly affordable price point. The operating system includes configuration, firewall, routing, MPLS, VPN, wireless, DHCP, hotspot, Quality of Service, web proxy, and other tools.

ISPNexus essentially 'Levels Up' the MikroTik router with efficient and simple access to all the complexities these routers can offer.




Why use ISPNexus for auto-mass deployment?

Mass deployment software is essential when operating a mid to large WISP or Organization. Below are some pros for Automated Mass Deployment and some insight into why we created the only program of its kind for most CPE routers.

  • Managing large numbers of devices manually is time-consuming and demanding.

  • Manual deployments can be error-prone and can’t match the accuracy provided by an automatic system.

  • Extensive know-how is required in manual device provisioning.

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