Property Management Automation

Increase NOI and Revenue

Smart technology from Aspen is a no-brainer and a proven way to increase rents, lower turnover, and accelerate lease-up time for apartment communities. Aspen creates a better bottom line for your portfolio due to lower maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency.

Aspen and Property Management

All properties on one dashboard

Aspen uses state-of-the-art technology and automation to transform property-related businesses. Take control and keep your communities on track. Let’s look at some of the best smart home technologies and how they can benefit your properties.

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From one cloud-based dashboard, manage hundreds of properties.


Automate your property management and save time and money.


Create a better experience for your guests while increasing revenue.

For Property Managers

You can expand your management opportunities, make your job easier, keep homeowners happy, and improve guest experiences.

Increase revenue and bookings by managing all clients remotely and controlling all properties through one dashboard

The smart home features guests expect to find in hotels can enrich the guest experience and improve reviews.

Enhance home security by adding additional security features and monitoring capabilities.

Smart thermostats and monitoring sensors can reduce energy costs and operating expenses.

Property managers can control locks, garage doors, thermostats, and monitoring sensors using a computer or smartphone. 


For the Home Owner

Implement modern amenities and technology to make your investment more manageable when you are away.

Keyless locks, security features, and monitoring devices will increase property value.

Increase occupancy rates by attracting higher-paying guests and providing features that make them happier and more likely to deliver positive reviews

Enjoy peace of mind that proper monitoring is in place to minimize energy costs and prevent costly damages to your vacation rentals. Automation can create a hotel-like experience with more timely turnover. 

A smart home control system can increase gas and electricity efficiency by up to 38% and 11%, respectively. 


For the Guest

Provide an optimal guest experience with a home that balances security and convenience.

Eliminate key or garage door problems by providing keyless entry.

Allow guests easy access to the property while they are visiting.

Stay competitive with amenities that guests expect

Communication via text or email that the house is ready will increase convenience.

By maintaining a seamless experience, you can increase guest satisfaction, online reviews, and social media engagement.

vacation guests

Schedule an assessment for your property.

By using Aspen's latest technology, properties will be a dream come true for guests and managers alike.

Smart Sensors

Prevent thousands of dollars in damage and headaches by immediately detecting water or frozen pipes.

Property damage is the most expensive type of repair. Sensors strategically placed near water heaters and appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers will send an alert if water is detected. When temperatures drop, freeze sensors will alert you.


Smart Locks (keyless entry)

With keyless access control, you will no longer have to carry traditional keys around with you.

Keys are becoming obsolete and expensive. Create a unique passcode for each guest and send it via text or email when the property is ready. Our Bluetooth-enabled system also lets guests use their smartphones as keys.


Smart Thermostat

Stop wasteful heating and cooling in vacant properties.

A vacation rental property's bottom line suffers when it wastes energy and pays high utility bills. Smart thermostats allow you to change the temperature remotely or shut them off quickly.


Garage Door Control

Save time and money by eliminating garage door openers.

For guests, access to the garage is a significant benefit regarding their vacation plans. The convenience of pulling into the garage without having to punch a code is essential to guests. You can easily open and close the garage door by sending a text message.


Branded Guest Wifi

Make guest Wi-Fi a powerful marketing channel by providing a branded, digital experience.

Offer free, high-quality Wi-Fi in your properties. Building a database of engaged guests can help you deliver targeted and relevant communications and offers to them.


Home Security

Monitored property security systems from Aspen help you safeguard your investment.

Give yourself the peace of mind that your property is safe and secure. It’s easy with our completely customizable security systems for properties. Aspen will work with you to find the right solution if you’re looking for a basic alarm system or a more comprehensive security system.



Occupancy Monitoring

The entire sports team should not share a two-person reservation.

Using CO2 analysis and smart lock data, we can help you prevent violations and measure occupancy without invading guests’ privacy. We integrate our occupancy monitoring system with your PMS so that you will receive an alert when the data does not match the booking.



Digital House Guide

Simplified and impactful guest experience.

With digital guides, guests can easily learn about your property. Build unlimited mini-sites in your guest app to assist with house manuals, rentals, local partnerships, menus, and more.


Noise Monitoring

When a party is raging - Aspen is engaging.

Noise is a common frustration for guests, owners, neighbors, and property managers. Our noise monitoring solutions provide the insight you need to manage noise levels in the most appropriate way (and rest easy at night).


Property Portal

Impress guests before, during, and after their stay.

Deliver seamless, meaningful, and ultimately personalized lodging experiences by bringing together guests, managers, and ancillary service providers under a single operating system.


Ease of Mind, Revenue Increase, and Lower Cost?

Aspen does more. So you can, too.

Network Setup

Set up, Go.

Don't have a network team? Don't worry. Even without a network team, we can help you set up high-performance wi-fi and network solutions to support business operations, connect employees, and serve customers in short order.

Network Performance


Aspen combines extreme performance, custom technologies, and revolutionary power savings. Whether you're taking care of everyday tasks or pushing your limits, you can do it all faster.

Network Cost

Smart solutions.
Smart investment.

Aspen products are built to last, making them a great investment. They are powerful, affordable, and packed with everything you need to bring your network to the next level. We work closely with you to build a network solution that fits your business needs.

Network App

Your Network at
Your Command.

Quickly & securely control your network and perform critical administrative tasks with just a few taps, all from one place. The desktop dashboard or mobile app makes all your connected networks work harder — & smarter — for you.

Network Security

Keeping What's
Private, PRIVATE.

Aspen takes the security of your data and the privacy of your business information very seriously. You can protect your business with security solutions that are easy to use and designed to keep your information safe, secure, and available only to you.

Network Support

Support That Goes Beyond Your 9-to-5.

We're here to keep you up and running. Aspen offers services for setup, hardware repair, software support, troubleshooting, and management. We provide ongoing support to give you much-needed peace of mind.

Aspen is powering the future of property management.

We're committed to helping every type of managed property benefit from the transformative power of smart network solutions that enable property managers to succeed at scale. Get help finding the best ways for your network to work together and power the future of your property.

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